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DITI - Visual Editor for PC

DITI - Drum Intelligent Trigger Interface

The world's most powerful Trigger to MIDI Interface from Alternate Mode now has it's own Editor Interface!

With Alternate Mode's DITI PC Editor Interface, literally every control and function can now be programmed on the computer for fast editing.

Control Screens Included:

  • Main Screen - including Backup and Restoring Global Settings via SYSEX files from your computer
  • Global Editing Parameters
  • Global Curves
  • Pad Type Definitions
  • Kit Editing Parameters
  • Kit Zone Data
  • Kit Controller/Mixing Paramters
  • Kit Copying
  • Assignable Kit Program Changes

PDF Overview of DITIEDITOR 2.5v1

The DITI Editor is currently available for PC users (Windows 10 or greater is recommended).

This software requires the latest version of the DITI Firmware to operate!!!

Latest DITI Firmware is available as a free download on the Alternate Mode Website.

Visit DITI Downloads Area