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World's Most Powerful MIDI Percussion Controller

DITI Firmware is always a Free Upgrade for DITI Owners!

For information on upgrading, refer to the questions/answers section on this page!
Check out some of the features of the new DITI 2.5 listed below.


Learning from years of experience from Alternate Mode's other controllers, we've added hundreds of features and tweaks that give you the REAL power of control. Here's a listing of key features:

  • Up to 32 notes on any pad using Simultaneous, programmable Cross Fading, Cross Switching, Layering, Slot Switching and Alternate Mode Patterns. Switch points are all programmable for personalized tweaking.
  • Total Control of the Sustain (gate). Each Pad get's it's own gate time settings including Roll Modes, Velocity Gate Control, pressure sustain, note dampening and more.
  • Total Control of Velocity. Each pad get's its own range of minimum/ maximum velocity settings plus a curve for total control. Tailor your dynamics!
  • Play with your velocity to control Note Shifts, PitchBend, CC# control and more. Any controller (knobs in Ableton Live for example) can be controlled by velocity, pad pressure or "steps" on any pad.
  • Not only can you LINK any pad to any pad, but you can link many pads and even control the relative volumes of each link!
  • You can assign any one of the 32 slots to a one shot 'pad LINK' on any pad.
  • Transpositions on Steroids. You can create alternate note transpositions (up to 32) on any pad. Freeze them, Reverse them or Reset them all in real time. You can even select what group of pads gets transposed (even independently per pad).
  • Built in MIDI Equalizer. You can equalize the response of your sound module by simply playing at a desired velocity, and then tweaking its relative volume. We think this is a world's first!
  • Built in MIDI MIXER or whatever controller number you want to control. The DITI stores 8 controller settings on independent channels with discrete settings per kit.
  • Built in PATCH PROGRAMMER. The DITI now can send out 4 Bank, Program and Volume Changes per kit.
  • Remote EDITING. Now you can assign external pads to control the editing on the DITI. By using a PMCP footswitch, you can get double duty out of each pad playing either the sound or the edit function.
  • Expanded Storage. Each of the 50 Kits stores 50 unique settings for program and bank changes. This adds up to 1000's of kits built into the DITI.
  • Total Dampening Control. You can dampen any note simply by pressing on a pad. If you have a piezo trigger, you can even dampen that with a soft tap. Use the PMCP footswitch to sustain sounds and dampen at will on selected pads. Tweak how dampening functions with our new Global Control settings.
  • Improved performance on Pad Sustain. New scanning algorithms allows for greatly increased dynamic response with instantaneous triggering with pressure sustain.
  • Individual Pad Training. Each "Pad Type" contains its own Preset TRAINING Settings. You can also create your own Dynamic Range for each Pad Type by performing the Soft/Hard Hit Training Procedure. But new to version 2.0, you can now OVERRIDE this Global Setting and TRAIN each pad individually on EVERY KIT. This offers Total Dynamic Control tailored for the sound assigned to that pad.
  • Expanded Utility Functions. We've added lots of choices for editing and copying kits, pad types, curves, and more. Export these choices via SYSEX or Import them. Go to our website, explore our new Utility Database and download the latest.
  • jamKAT and HybriKIT (coming soon!!!) Ready. We've created an entire sound set for the jamKAT using our gigKAT and handheldsound's Flying Hand Percussion sound library. Expect to see presets for Ableton Live, SonicCoulture, Spectrasonics and more. We've are even creating Setups for the ipad!
  • More Presets on the way... When they become available, our new online database will make it incredibly easy to find the right collection to send to your DITI.


Questions and Answers

How do I upgrade my DITI?
There are several ways to Upgrade your DITI
Send in your DITI for a Free Upgrade. Just pay for SHIPPING, we'll do the rest. We will load in the new firmware and reload the new Factory and User Kits. Contact Alternate Mode and get an RMA Upgrade Number! DITI's will be programmed and sent back out the next business day.

You can purchase a picKIT3 Programmer from MicroChip or buy one from Alternate Mode. Download the free upgrade Hex Files and SysEx Files from our webiste.
Will I lose my current User Kits?
Yes. This is a major update to the firmware and software. If you programmed the DITI yourself, you must perform a Global Initialization of the DITI. Trust us, it's worth it!
Do I need to Reinitialize when I download Kits, Pad Types, Curves, etc?
No. The Reinitializing procedure is only necessary when upgrading from version 1.x to 2.x
Will more upgrades be available?
Of course, we're Alternate Mode! Our passion for excellence drives us to constantly improve and upgrade our products. It's a learning process. You can help by offering suggestions!
Where can I learn more about the DITI?
Make sure that you join our mailing list and please join our forum. New Training and Performance Videos are being developed now and will soon be available on our website. You should also download the latest manual from the website.
What is Textural Drumming?
In a phrase, it is IMPROVISATION THROUGH PATTERN RECOGNITON. The DITI has the ability to play chords, scales, counterpoint, etc. When the performer sits in front of the DITI with a jamKAT and plays on one of our presets, there is no need to understand what the name of the chord is or what scale is being played. Through pattern recognition, your mind will find some pleasurable combination of pad strokes and create the music for you. Everyone sounds different, because we are! Soon you will be able to control melody, harmony and rhythm simultaneously. Textural Drumming is a new exciting way to improvise and enjoy making music while training your mind to play complex musical sequences.
Make your own "WORLDS". Create your own collection of sounds and patterns and send them to us so that we can post them on our new SYSEX database for the world to share. Expect to hear much more about this in the coming months.
I don't see KITS for my soundware software on your database?
So many sounds, so little time! We are trying to expand our USER KIT database as fast we can. You can help. Create cool stuff and share it. All of us will benefit though generous contributions of your creative efforts.
Where can I upload my own favorite User Kits, Pad Types, Etc for the World to See?
Send it to us.... We will check it out and upload it. Thank you in advance!
I've created a great video using the DITI... Can you post it on your website?
I thought you'd never ask! Please, please, please..... send us your videos