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DITI - Drum Intelligent Trigger Interface

DITI - Drum Intelligent Trigger Interface

DITI is the world's most powerful Trigger to MIDI Interface from Alternate Mode.


The DITI is designed especially for powering Alternate Mode's FSR pads such as the inHEAD, onHEAD, jamKAT and altZONE. It also has built in presets for piezo triggers, membrane switch pads, cymbals and more. There are built in "pad types" that define what brand trigger you are using so that the setup process is easy.

The DITI has built in Kits (pre-mapped sounds) so that you can get up and running quickly. If you don't find your drum module's Kits on the DITI, you can go to our website, and download our ever growing list of sound modules, drum machines, soft synths and pad types to suit your needs.

What makes the DITI so special is its focus on making your pads and triggers "EXPRESSIVE". It captures your playing like no other interface on the market. It understands your dynamics and allows you to add features that give incredible power to your performance. Simply put, the DITI is the World's most powerful Trigger to MIDI interface. It gives you, the performer, the power and control to use any trigger you want, in the configuration that is best for you and disregards the need to be loyal to just one brand of trigger, sound module or soft synth. With the DITI's focus on using FSR sensing technology, REAL HYBRID TECHNOLOGY is finally available. Acoustic drum heads with imbedded FSR sensors and multi zoned pad layouts like the jamKAT offer dynamics and expression never before possible.