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KMC to release KAT brand Digital Drumset line

It was only a matter of time. KMCMusicorp, the U.S.'s leading music products distributor whose marquee percussion brands include Gretsch, Latin Percussion, Sabian, Toca, and Gibraltar, has entered the electronic drumming arena. What finally drew KMC to one of the brightest beacons in the industry? Mark Moralez, recently appointed to KMC's newly created position of e-drums product manager, suggests that the stars aligned with a collaboration between KMC and electronic percussion guru and Alternate Mode President Mario DeCiutiis.

Alternate Mode will continue to distribute its own legacy products including drumKAT, malletKAT, trapKAT, and panKAT. Backed by all the resources of powerhouse parent Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, KMCMusicorp has licensed the KAT trademark and enlisted DeCiutiis to lead the development of a range of innovative digital percussion instruments under the KAT Digital Drums brand. Prior to joining KMC, Moralez became a strong advocate for KAT products, which he calls "way ahead of their time," while selling them in retail stores for nearly a decade.

"This was a partnership that we had been working on for over a year," said Mark Nelson, KMCMusicorp senior vice president of global percussion. "We knew Mario would be instrumental in helping us to develop a product line that could truly differentiate itself from the other brands, especially as we moved up the price point ladder."

Reprinted from Music Trades - October 2012. Click Here to read the full article.