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KAT Percussion on Broadway

Working professionals know that Alternate Mode's instruments are appearing more and more frequently, in theatre pits worldwide - but few compare to the setup used for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular each holiday season.

The show utilizes two percussionists, each using virtually identical instrument setups:

  • Two malletKATs (primarily for melodic sounds, but can also trigger some percussion instruments)
  • panKAT (triggers a vast array of percussion),
  • drumKAT (bongos, congas),
  • KAT Percussion Cymbal

The two players are called upon to play up to fifty traditional and non-traditional percussion instruments. Given that all of these instruments (save one glissando using a live timpani) are digitally sampled and are fully accessible on the KAT gear, the orchestrations for this highly challenging, 90 minute musical score can require some instrument changes and phrasing that is nearly impossible to perform with acoustic equipment.

This short video clip is a quick "tour" of the percussion section setup for the 2014 Christmas Spectacular.