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Are you ready for 2010?

We know we are!

Happy New Year, KAT fans.

This coming year will be the most interesting one in all of our history at Alternate Mode.
Here is just a SMALL sampling of new products coming out this year.

What's new for 2010


Drum Intelligent Trigger Interface

The DITI has been built from the ground up to be the simplest, most versitile trigger-to-MIDI interface available anywhere.

  • Twelve stereo input jacks allow up to 12 dual zone pads or 24 independent membrane switches.
  • Can also be used with continuous controller HiHat input.
  • On-board microprocessor allows 1024 levels of dynamics.
  • Each pad is preassigned its own channel, MIDID note number, velocity range and response curve - which can be fully "trained" for superior response.
  • Features a greatly simplified control panel.
  • Global instrument changes can be sent quickly via SYS EX from a PC

The new KAT Pedal Pro

Digital Response from a Traditional Feel

The KAT Pedal Pro is a modified dual chain bass drum pedal - giving it the familiar feel of a traditional pedal, even though it is beaterless!

It can be used for either bass drum OR hihat! The triggering mechanism of the KAT Pedal Pro uses a FSR bumper sensor for the bass drum or hihat chick, and a linear pot sensor for continuous hihat.


The E Rim

Three zone Trigger pad that mounts directly to a traditional drum.

Acoustic drummers rejoice! The E Rim trigger pad mounts directly to standard drums, creating unlimited possibilities for hybrid acoustic/electronic drum setups.

This FSR trigger pad contains independent left, right, and rim sensors for up to three different zones per pad.

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