Author Topic: Sound advice for MalletKAT playing "world music"?  (Read 3306 times)


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Sound advice for MalletKAT playing "world music"?
« on: August 09, 2010, 10:50:07 AM »
Hi! Because I didn't find a forum group dedicated to the MalletKAT itself, I hope I may place my more or less general question here - without offending the Muse Research people or other readers.

I am new to malletKAT and just do my first steps with external MIDI gear. I am already familiar with Steinberg's Cubase & Halion running on my iMac - I use these for making audible previews of my compositions. No live playing so far.

I am intersted in using the MalletKat primarily as a sort of "world music" instrument. With much luck and probably much exercise and rehearsal I would like to play the MK live on stage one day.

My first soundset for the Halion connected to the MK was the Dave Samuels Marimba & Vibes sample collection. Second, and just for fun, I bought a comercial available "Hang Drum" soundest. "Hang Drum" is a sort of upside down steel drum, which you play with your fingers or palms and which sounds heavenly to say the least. This instrument is a real hit with European street musicians in the "word music" genre! Don't mix it up with the "Hang" mode in the malletKAT: the "Hang" in the "Hang Drum" is supposed to be a swiss dialect word and means "Hand Drum". Also I foraged some free Mbira/Kalimba and Steeldrums sound sets in the WWW. Mostly soundfont format which my Halion can import directly.

This should serve for some intersting hours tweeking the sounds to my taste and layouting the differnt keystroke-types across the key- or velocity range. The two layers and the four foot controllers and the assign feature of the MaletKAT will help a lot I think.

I am also very interested in the Pianoteq's virtual instrument suite. It seems to have fairly realistic playable/sounding vibes and e-pianos. And a new Glockenspiel and Celeste soundset, which I didn't test yet. Unfortunately no Marimba/Xylophon/Balafon/Kalimba set yet, which I hope will come soon! Although balafon is probably not a typical instruments for physical modelling - it has a very short sustain and is thus easily virtualized using one-shot samples -, I would love to own a virtal balafon with adujstable calabash size/resonance and adjustable snare/rattle-noise.

Anyone in this forum who can recommend world-type diatonic (or pentatonic or similar) intruments within the mallet category?

And anyone who has experience with this type of virtual instruments, either sample or physical modeling based, doing a life performance? I am wondering, if I'd better take my iMac on stage or investigate in some standalone VSTi-player like Receptor or V-Machine. Comments on this?

Greetings, RK


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Re: Sound advice for MalletKAT playing "world music"?
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2010, 06:48:57 PM »
Well, the iMac is almost a portable! For the price of a receptor you'll get a Macbook Pro... 
As for the sounds there is a Balinese Gamelan set at NI but you'll need Kontakt to use it seamlessly.
Check also Acousticsamples, I know that marimba is on the way and the vibraphone is very good, with an adjustable vibrato.