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I have: malletKAT 7 KS Express (Kurzweil Sounds)
Unfortunately I emailed this question to head office and I get back from them is to refer me to their manual.
But the manual only talks about chains and kits - NOT ACTUALLY SOUNDS THAT COME WITH THE KURZWEIL BUILT IN SOUND CARD.

Is there anyone out there that has this model and switches quickly between songs in a live setting so you can call up quickly instead of stepping on the foot swith - tap this 10 times - tap tap that 10 times and then you are on sound one.

In other words,

I have had a MalletKAT7 KS Express for a couple of years now and have just been changing the sounds by going to the LSB number and program number and that's it. So basically I use it for one sound the whole gig.
Like my keyboard player has all his sounds pre-arranged for a live set of music and presses one button to pull up the next songs sounds - I need to have this functionality as well. How can I arrange the various sounds found on various LSB numbers and the PC numbers within the LSB and put my 10 favourite all in a sequential order for our set list? No time in between songs to mess around pushing down stustain and FS Pedals and tap through all the sounds to get to each one.
I have been watching the videos on kits and chains but there seems to be a missing link - for me anyways - to figure this thing out. Your help would be so appreciated.
I keep reading the instructions and I think I must have to make up a user kit with the steps of each sound ie: LSB 01 PC 106 for example? I don't see anything printed or in video help that tells me step by step instructions on how to actually do this?

I need to be able to recall in this order on the fly: LSB 01 PC 106, LSB 03 PC 123, LSB 032 PC 113, LSB 06 PC 91, LSB 32 PC 128, ...and so on.

I hope someone out there can enlighten me?

Thanks so much!



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Hope this helps.

You said in your post...

"I have had a MalletKAT7 KS Express for a couple of years now and have just been changing the sounds by going to the LSB number and program number and that's it."

So, you are able to access the KS sound card and are able to change the sounds inside the sound card by changing the MSB and LSB and PC? Yes?

If you have command of MSB and LSM AND Program numbers then go to chain mode...

You can jump between these three modes by holding down the EDIT FOOTSTWITCH and hitting pad F (third octave). It says BANK SELECT under the pad. Use the DECrement, INCrement pads (C#-D# ) on the highest octave to change modes.

The very first character on Line one will either be:
F followed by a number. Example F 01 meaning Factory Kit 1 or
U followed by a number. Example U 89 meaning User Kit 89 or
C followed by a group of numbers. Example. C02-12 Meaning Chain Two, Setup 12

If you are using a malletKAT EXPRESS, you will need to hold down the EDIT and the SUSTAIN ONE at the same time to tell the malletKAT that you are accessing third octave functions. Release the SUSTAIN once you enter the mode. If you have an EXPRESS with three octaves, you do not need to do this.

Once in chain mode. Change the MSB and LSB and Program PC to LSB 01 PC 106. Then save the kit.

You can change KITS at any time by using the Backward /Forward Pads. (The little pads on the far right of the malletKAT). Strike the pad twice to get your direction going.

So, go up to KIT 2 inside the chain you are on and change the MSB and LSB and PC to LSB 03 PC 123. Save the kit.

You can also name each kit in the chain.

Think of a chain as a box with 16 slots in the box. Each slot is a different kit. You have 16 chains (boxes) available. Those chains can have 16 kits inside them.

Hope this helps.