Author Topic: Receptor drops volume when switching to a certain Setup  (Read 2141 times)


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Receptor drops volume when switching to a certain Setup
« on: November 20, 2012, 01:41:44 PM »

I am relatively new to the MIDI and Plugins World.

I have a Receptor 2 with Komplete 7 inside connected to my Mallet Kat as my MIDI Controller.

I change kits/setups on my MalletKat and certain channels immediately drop volume on Receptors Main Mixer screen.

The setup/kits on my Malletkat has it's own Volume control turned off. and I have saved the Multi patches and Plugin settings (and Volume) on Receptor's Main mixing screen. I can change multis and reload the original multi and the volume stays the same. but when I switch to a specific Kit on my MK, the volume drops considerably on Receptors third slot of the main screen.

Not sure if this is a CC problem. Maybe a CC is telling Receptor that when i switch to Kit 7 on the MK, it will drop the volume on channel 3? Not sure how to turn this off (on the MK or Receptor) if that is the case Any Ideas