Author Topic: Sustain with chime patch on pc2r  (Read 1610 times)


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Sustain with chime patch on pc2r
« on: September 01, 2014, 03:15:37 PM »
How do you set up any chime patch on the pc2r so that it works like a vibe patch does. ie:  When the sustain pedal is not depressed, the note you play is short/staccato or is as long as the gate time you have designated, and when the sustain pedal is engaged, the note you play sustains until you release the sustain pedal.
Whenever I use a chime sound from the pc2r, all notes sustain whether the sustain pedal is depressed or not, which creates a big tone cluster and is a problem if you need the chimes to dampen at the end of a piece or for phrasing.