Author Topic: Ideal settings for various triggers in DrumKat 3.8 (Roland PDX-8?)  (Read 807 times)


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Are there any documented "recommended settings" for various trigger pads in a DrumKAT 3.8?  I have a Roland V-Drum snare pad, PDX-8, which I cannot for the life of me find a good balance of settings to get a clean snare trigger and clean rimshot trigger that do not false trigger each other.  I have tried auto-training and endless manual tweaking of things like masktime, gain, threshold, dynamics.  I cannot get the head to reliably not trigger the rim and vice versa.

Also, my DrumKAT EZ has stereo inputs, but I believe my DrumKAT 3.8 is mono inputs.  In the EZ, I would plug the dual-trigger stereo cable into one input, and in the 3.8, I would use a stereo to dual mono Y-cable to separate out the Roland dual trigger to two inputs, right?