Author Topic: MalletKat KS pro plays DIFFERENT sound than what is displayed!  (Read 469 times)


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Hi all  :)

I'm currently in posession of a 4 octave MalletKat Pro with the Kurzweil sounds. After many attempts to use my MalletKat with Reason 9 on my Mac, I finally got it working!

Strangely, I tried the MalletKat on it's own (just the internal Kurzweil Sounds and amp) after my own experimentation in the DAW and for some reason, the display shows a different instrument than the one that is sounding. For example, it will say "elec piano" when the sound is stringed bass or rhodes or drums etc. After scrolling through all of the sounds, they are all like this. Hopefully it's an easy fix but I am scared because I reset the mallet kat about 3 times and it is still off! Let me know if any of you have had similar issues, Thanks!