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Questions that pertain to multiple KAT products.
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Any questions pertaining to the gigKAT or Kurzweil sounds will be in this section
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Electronic heads and pads from Aquarian
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  1. How do you edit kits in the trapKAT - Detailed?
  2. How do I send a PROGRAM CHANGE from the drumKAT?
  3. What are the chord structures available for MELODIC MODE in the drumKAT?
  4. What is BEEPER in the malletKAT?
  5. What are the General MIDI note numbers for drums?
  6. What is Beeper On/Off in the trapKAT?
  7. Can I turn the BEEPER off in the drumKAT?
  8. How do you adjust the Pad Threshold in the trapKAT?
  9. What is REASSIGNMENT TRANSPOSE AMT in the malletKAT?
  10. What is the TRANSPOSE ENABLE Screen in the drumKAT?
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  1. Popular QuestionIs there any way to save, restore, or share kits among users through some sort of computer interface?
  2. Popular QuestionWhat is different about 7.5 B malletKAT
  3. Popular QuestionNeed more detail about the sounds in the Kurzweil engine.
  4. Popular QuestionIs there a General MIDI bank inside the Kurzweil Sound Module?
  5. Popular QuestionHow do I control CONTROLLERS on the GigKAT, malletKAT KS and trapKAT KS?
  6. Popular QuestionWhat is the eHAT?
  7. Popular QuestionWhat Gain settings do I use for my drum module when using the inHEAD/onHEAD?
  8. Popular QuestionWhat are the sensors in the inHEAD/onHEAD?
  9. Popular QuestionIs the eRIM a separate trigger?
  10. Popular QuestionIs the inHEAD/onHEAD multi zone?
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