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  1. questionCharacteristics of Hihat Pedals for the trapKAT
    The results represent the trapKAT's readings of continous controller hihat pedals. Yamaha H65 0-1k (1000 ohms) training results 34-34-34-36           (this makes the Yamaha pedal useless with the trapKAT) drumTech hatPedal  40k-2k (2000 oh ...

  2. questionHihat Control? How do the various hihat pedals compare?
      All of the hihat pedals send out continuous control data when the pedal is pushed down.  The software in the drumKAT/trapKAT use this data and generate a chick and splash down determined by how fast you move from one position to the other.  Velocity information is also interp ...

  3. questionHow do I connect a hatpedal to a MIDI KITI PRO?
    Using the hatpedal as a hi hat with the midiKITI PRO. Connect the FTSW out of the MIMT into the footswitch input of the md0l. (This will allow the "normal hi hat operation with a better feeling pedal) TRIG out of the hatKAT not used. CRTL out of the hatKAT not used. OR Connect th ...

  4. questionHow do I hook up my hatpedal to the drumKAT?
    How do I hook up my hatKAT to the drumKAT? Using the hatKAT as a hi hat with the drumKAT 3.0 Connect the CTRL out of the CTRL to the hatKAT/FK1 input. (In HATNTE mode, the pedal will allow you to select between the 8 different note numbers that you can assign; In HATGTE mode, the duration o ...

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