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  1. questionWhat is Velocity?
    A measure of how loud or soft a Note the trapKAT will play on your Sound Source.

  2. questionWhat kind of connections are on the trapKAT?
    The trapKAT has a 9 volt (500 mA, positive tip) power connector, a Breath Controller input, a trigger input, a hi-hat controller/footswitch input, a MIDI input, a pair of MIDI outputs and 4 footswitch inputs for editing (Kit Select, Note Edit, Kit/Pad Edit and Global Edit).

  3. questionWhat kind of Hi-Hat sources can be plugged into the trapKAT?
    The Hi-Hat will accept either a footswitch (KF1) or a hatPedal foot controller (connected from the hatPedal Control output with a standard 1/4” shielded cable).  The main use of this input is for Hi-Hat control.  The Chick or Foot sound of the Hi-Hat is generated from this input.&nbs ...

  4. questionWhat kind of trigger sources can be plugged into the trapKAT?
    You may connect a variety of triggering sources including the kicKAT, fatPedal, & miniKICK foot triggers from KAT.  Other manufacturers trigger pedals should work also. You "TRAIN" the trapKAT for whatever type of trigger you have plugged into the BASS Trigger Input.  The BASS Trigger ...

  5. questionWhat type of footswitches can be used with the trapKAT?
    There are basically 2 types of *momentary footswitches - Normally Open and Normally Closed. The KAT KF1 footswitches are the, Normally Open type. Now this doesn't mean you can't use the Normally Closed type. As long as the footswitch is plugged in BEFORE you turn the unit on, the Closed footswit ...

  6. questionWhy can't I hear sounds when I play the trapKAT Pads?
    Remember, the trapKAT is a MIDI controller - there are no sounds built in at this time. If your trapKAT isn't playing the sounds from your sound source, try these things to help isolate your problem: •  Verify trapKAT and Sound Source are ON and are plugged into working AC sockets!&n ...

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