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Questions that pertain to multiple KAT products.
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  1. questionHow can I contact Alternate Mode?
    Alternate Mode is a company dedicated to making the most powerful Controllers in the world.  We have a commitment to quality and responsiveness.  Our designs are responsive and we as a company are responsive.   Feel free to call us with questions or suggestions.   Our pr ...

  2. questionHow do I return a product back to Alternate Mode?
    How do I return a product back to Alternate Mode? We want you to be happy with KAT controllers. If you are not happy with your purchase, please call us. If we can not resolve your issues and you still want a refund, we will glady take back our product, providing it is received in new conditio ...

  3. questionHow do I save SYX EX on a computer? (how do I back up kits)
    How do I save and load sysex (create backups of your data etc) on a computer? Go here and watch the sysex tutorial video. It is for a DrumKAT, PC, and MIDI OX (download) but can be applied to all KATs. If you are a Mac user, download SysEx Librarian, which would be in used in place of MIDI OX ...

  4. questionWhat are Dynamics?
    A measure of how hard or softly you are playing with your sticks.

  5. questionWhat are the General MIDI note numbers for drums?
    What are the General MIDI note numbers for drums? Note # KEY # DRUM SOUND Note # KEY # DRUM SOUND 35 Acoustic Bass Drum   59 Ride Cymbal 36 Bass Drum   60 Hi Bongo 37 Side Stick   61 Low Bongo 38 Acoustic Snare   62 Mute Hi Conga 39 Hand Clap   63 Open ...

  6. questionWhat does Default mean?
    The standard, customary, or “safe” value for a given setting.

  7. questionWhat is a Data Dump?
    The internal data information that a musical instrument sends out so that you can save its settings on a back up system.

  8. questionWhat is a Note Number?
    A “MIDI Note” is the number sent in a “MIDI NOTE ON” or a “MIDI NOTE OFF” command to tell the receiving instrument which Sound to make.

  9. questionWhat is Editing?
    The act of changing the settings in a device.

  10. questionWhat is Gate Time?
    The length of time that a Note sounds as sent by the trapKAT.  It is the length of time the trapKAT waits after it sends a Note On, before it sends a Note Off.  Many drum machines ignore the Gate Time sent by the trapKAT and sound the Note until it’s fully “played out” ...

  11. questionWhat is General MIDI?
    (GM) Sound Module:  A sound module that comforms to the General MIDI specification specifying Program layout by sound type for simple connection between MIDI devices. 

  12. questionWhat is MIDI Delay?
    A term which is mistakenly used, by many, to refer to all kinds of delay ranging from Sound Source Delay, to Sound Travel Delay, to actual delay due to MIDI.  The delay caused by the transmission of MIDI information is only 1 millisecond! (.001 Second).

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