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Any questions pertaining to the gigKAT or Kurzweil sounds will be in this section
There were 6 questions found in this category:
  1. question Could you hook up an expression pedal to act as a mod wheel?

  2. questionHow do I control CONTROLLERS on the GigKAT, malletKAT KS and trapKAT KS?
    The Kurzweil Sound Card inside the GigKAT and KAT controllers have the ability to accept Continuous Controller Commands that affect the way the instrument sounds.  Here is a list of the common commands.  Please note that some of these CC Commands do not respond in every sound.  Yo ...

  3. questionIs there a General MIDI bank inside the Kurzweil Sound Module?
    Yes there is.  You need to send out this BANK change command MSB 00 LSB 32.  There are 127 GM programs available.

  4. questionNeed more detail about the sounds in the Kurzweil engine.
    On our website, you can download the KS sounds. http://www.alternatemode.com/downloads/malletkat_ks/malletKAT_7_KS_Sound_List.pdf This sound list is the same for the malletKAT, trapKAT, drumKAT and GigKAT. If you want more specific information, you can go to the Kurzweil website and look at t ...

  5. questionWhich sound module is best for getting the most realistic vibe and marimba sounds?
    As far as modules go, the kurzweil sound card has the best vibes and marimba on the market. BUT... soft synths (VST's) can blow away the kurzweil because they have unlimited memory.

  6. questionWith the virtual mod wheel, are you limited to pitch bend or can you modify other characteristics of the sounds samples?
    YES. Its called CNTRL mode. You can send any of the 128 CC messages out.

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