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Electronic heads and pads from Aquarian
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  1. questionIs the eRIM a separate trigger?
    Yes.  The eRIM is completely independent from the inHEAD/onHEAD and does not need the inBOX.  It can plug directly into a drum module's TRIGGER in.  It can also be used with the inBOX.  The inBOX has an input for the eRIM.  It combines this signal with the inHEAD and out ...

  2. questionIs the inHEAD/onHEAD multi zone?
    The inHEAD/onHEAD electronic heads are single zone sensors that require the inBOX or DITI for power.  They are not multi zone or positional sensing pads.  They simply plug into your drum machine's TRIGGER input.

  3. questionWhat are the sensors in the inHEAD/onHEAD?
    Virtually all of the trigger pads on the market use piezo sensors and generally are placed in the center of the drum, creating a hot zone in the middle.  The inHEADs/onHEADs uses FSR technology.  The entire surface of the pad is the sensor itself. This is a superior sensing system that ...

  4. questionWhat Gain settings do I use for my drum module when using the inHEAD/onHEAD?
    The Gain Settings can vary quite a bit, depending on how you set the pot on the inBOX.  Here are the general rules Set the Gain to the lowest setting that still gives you the widest range.  This is true for both the inBOX and the drum module. You can see the results on your drum modu ...

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