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  1. questionWhat is PITCH BEND SENSITIVITY in the malletKAT?
    PITCH BEND SENSITIVITY Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 28 Parameters = OFF, ON, Channel 00-16, semitones 01-12 You can set the pitch bend sensitivity (range) in semitones on every kit. Each kit is assigned an ON/OFF condition and a MIDI Channel.

  2. questionWhat is POLYPHONY COUNT in the malletKAT?
    POLYPHONY COUNT Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 08 Parameters = 1 Note, 2 Note The malletKAT Pro may be set to 1 note polyphony or 2 note polyphony. If one note polyphony is selected, a note currently sounding will be turned off by the malletKAT PRO before the same note is played again. If two no ...

  3. questionWhat is REASSIGNMENT EXTRA PROGRAM /VOLUME SENDS in the malletKAT?
    REASSIGNMENT EXTRA PROGRAM /VOLUME SENDS Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 35,36,37,38 Parameters = PC no, 00-127 Reassignment Channel 01-16 Bank MSB, LSB 00-127, 00-127 Vol no 00-127 On this screen you assign the Bank, Program Change, MIDI Channel and Volume Settings.  

  4. questionWhat is REASSIGNMENT FORCED GATE in the malletKAT?
    REASSIGNMENT FORCED GATE Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 34 Parameters = OFF, Latch, 0.10 – 6.000 sec. You can override the gate settings of the Reassignment Group to the Parameter Choices assigned to this User Kit.

  5. questionWhat is REASSIGNMENT MODE in the malleKAT?
    REASSIGNMENT MODE Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 29 Parameters = OFF, COMBINE, REPLACE Reassignments are assigned in the GLOBAL Screens. There are 14 Reassignment Groups available. Each Reassignment Group allows the malletKAT to play any MIDI note number on any MIDI channel. Each Group shares a ...

  6. questionWhat is REASSIGNMENT MODE in the malletKAT?
    REASSIGNMENT MODE Reassignment Mode in the malletKAT allows User definable notes to be played on the keyboard. You can play any MIDI Note on ANY pad on the malletKAT. Each pad can have its own MIDI Channel. An entire User Layout of these prearranged MIDI notes are called an Reassignment Layer. ...

  7. questionWhat is REASSIGNMENT NUMBER in the malletKAT?
    REASSIGNMENT NUMBER Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 31 Parameters = 01-14 Here is where you select one of the 14 Reassignment Groups stored in the Global Settings (screen 50) to be Used in the current Kit number.

  8. questionWhat is REASSIGNMENT OCTAVE OFFSET in the malletKAT?
    REASSIGNMENT OCTAVE OFFSET Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 32 Parameters = 00-14 You can transpose the octave of the entire Reassignment Group Number assigned to this Kit. This Octave Offset applies only to this User Kit. 

  9. questionWhat is REASSIGNMENT POLYPHONY and INTERFACE in the malletKAT?
    REASSIGNMENT POLYPHONY and INTERFACE Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 39,40 Parameters = Polyphony 1,2 Interface INTernal, EXTernal, Neither, BOTH This screen sets the polyphony of the reassignment and the routing. Internal assignment is for malletKAT's with sounds built in. 

  10. questionWhat is REASSIGNMENT POLYPHONY SETTING in the malletKAT?
    REASSIGNMENT POLYPHONY SETTING Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 30 Parameters = Monophonic, Polyphonic This determines whether the Reassignment Group plays in Monophonic or Polyphonic mode.

  11. questionWhat is REASSIGNMENT TRANSPOSE AMT in the malletKAT?
    REASSIGNMENT TRANSPOSE AMT Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 33 Parameters = -12 - +12 You can transpose the notes of the Reassignment Group up or down one octave in semitones.

  12. questionWhat is ROLL MODE in the malletKAT?
    When ROLL MODE is turned on, individual notes can be polyphonic if the same note is played rapidly (thus eliminating the “machine gun effect” of certain sounds. Six Seconds after the rapid playing stops, a note off message is sent and will shut off all of the individual note “o ...

  13. questionWhat is SCREEN ANGLE in the malletKAT?
    How can I adjust the viewing angle of the display in the malletKAT? Global Auxiliary Short Cut = # 12 Parameters = Straight View, Edge View You can change the viewing angle of the screen from Straight View to Edge View. 

  14. questionWhat is SELECT DATA DUMP TYPE in the malletKAT?
    SELECT DATA DUMP TYPE Global Auxiliary Short Cut = # 03 Parameters = Global, All Memory, All Kits, Chains & Reassignments, User KITS K01-128 Use the Inc/Dec pads to decide which Type of Memory Dump you want to send. Strike the Global Pad again (D natural). The malletKAT will immediately send ...

  15. questionWhat is SLEW DATA STRIP RATE in the malletKAT?
    SLEW DATA STRIP RATE Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 43 Parameters = 00-127 When using the RTC Mode, there is lots of control data being sent to the sound module. This screen allows the data to be stripped (thinned) out. Raising the value decreases the amount of data being sent.

  16. questionWhat is SPLIT MODE in the malletKAT?
    SPLIT MODE =D (on MIDDLE OCTAVE) Splt. The SPLIT Mode allows the malletKAT to play two sounds without having to step on the SUSTAIN Two . Each of the sounds from CONTROLLER ONE and TWO can have their own SPLIT point on the keyboard. This means that the two sound layers can overlap or split. It i ...

  17. questionWhat is the Auto Gate function in the malletKAT?
    Auto Gate functions also help control the “bleeding” of sounds when playing fast passages. The length of a sound can vary depending on how fast you are playing. This can be extremely effective when playing an acoustic guitar sound for example. AUTOGATE is found in the KIT AUX Screen ...

  18. questionWhat is the BREATH CONTROLLER in the malletKAT?
    TO TRAIN BREATH CONTROLLER Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 10 The response of the breath controller may be set at this screen by training the breath controller. Your first step is to adjust the trimpots on the BC itself. This may require experimentation. To train the breath controller, strike any ...

  19. questionWhat is the difference between Global/Group/individual Pad Training in the malletKAT?
    Everyone plays differently. To help the performer get the full dynamic range of their playing, the malletKAT learns the players style. Every player has their own idea of what a soft hit is and how hard they ultimately want to play. By teaching the malletKAT your playing style, the instrument lea ...

  20. questionWhat is the difference between the malletKAT and the malletKAT Express?
    The malletKAT EXPRESS has the same software and hardware features as the malletKAT PRO. It is however much lighter, as the frame is made from aluminum instead of steel. The malletKAT Express is a two octave instrument, and can accommodate 2 additional octave expanders, allowing a total of four o ...

  21. questionWhat is the latest software version/upgrade for the malletKAT?
    The malletKAT operating system is currently at version 6.1. If you have a earlier version, you can order an upgrade chip online or by calling Alternate Mode at 413-594-5190. NOTE: There are currently two versions of software available regarding pre-programming of the User Kits. One is for the Ku ...

  22. questionWhat is the malletKAT's pad layout?

  23. questionWhat is the malletKAT?
    The malletKAT Pro is a powerful MIDI controller that is designed to capture your playing gestures and performance. It transforms your performance into musical notes (MIDI data), capturing the details of dynamics, pressure, speed, dampening, etc., creating an incredible musical representation of ...

  24. questionWhat is UNIVERSAL ID in the malletKAT?
    UNIVERSAL ID Global Auxiliary Short Cut = # 13 Parameters = Universal ID, 01-127 The “Individual Instrument ID” for the malletKAT PRO can be assigned at this screen. This setting is used to allow external devices to selectively send data dump information to the malletKAT Pro. This ...

  25. questionWhat is VELOCITY SHIFT MODE in the malletKAT?
    VELOCITY SHIFT MODE=E twice (MIDDLE OCTAVE) VEL S. This screen informs you that you are in Velocity Switch Mode. In this mode, the sound switches between CONTROLLER ONE and TWO by how hard you play. You can set up the exact velocity point that the switch happens in the KIT AUX SCREENs, Velocity ...

  26. questionWhat is VIRTUAL CONTROL WHEEL A,B,C CONTROLLER NUMBER in the malletKAT?
    VIRTUAL CONTROL WHEEL A,B,C CONTROLLER NUMBER Global Auxiliary Short Cut = # 63, 17, 18 Parameters = CC#00-127 The Virtual Control Wheel Function on the malletKAT turns Controller Layer Two into a Programmable Control Wheel. Unlike RTC, the value of the white keys return to zero when the note ...

  27. questionWhat is WARP MODE in the malletKAT?
    WARP MODE Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 55,56, 57,58 Parameters = P1 & P2 -12 to +12 semitones, Repetitions 1-3, Patterns 1-8, Volume 10-100% Warp Mode gives the malletKAT the ability to repeat any pattern in real time. The amount of repeats is controllable, along with the tempo. Besides the ech ...

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