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  1. questionWhat can be plugged into the HiHat/Foot Control input on the drumKAT?
    The HiHat/Controller input will accept a footswitch (KF1), a hatPedal foot controller (connected from the hatPedal Control output with a standard 1/4” shielded cable), the KAT CP1 controller pedal and most other manufacturers HiHat pedals that use a mono cable. The actual training of the h ...

  2. questionWhat do I need to do to send my drumKAT in for repair?
    If you need your drumKAT repaired or worked on for any reason, call our Customer Service staff and ask for an “RA” number. This is a “Return Authorization” number. You must then clearly mark this “RA” number on the outside of the box you send back to KAT. When ...

  3. questionWhat does CURSOR ADV pad do on the drumKAT?
    CURSOR ADV (PAD2) is used to select a particular setting or parameter within a screen.

  4. questionWhat does DEFAULT pad do on the drumKAT?
    DEFAULT (PAD8) is used to quickly enter factory or personal values for settings.

  5. questionWhat does DUPLICATE pad do on the drumKAT?
    DUPLICATE (PAD9) is used to copy a value to all the Sounds of a Pad (two hits) or to all Pads in a Kit (three hits).

  6. questionWhat does HEAR SOUND pad do on the drumKAT?
    HEAR SOUND (PAD5) is used to preview the sound a Pad will make in PLAY Mode while you are still editing it.

  7. questionWhat does RECALL pad do on the drumKAT?
    RECALL (PAD0) RECALL is used to retrieve the last Kit that you edited if you accidentally advance to some other Kit prior to Saving changes you made.

  8. questionWhat does SAVE pad do on the drumKAT?
    SAVE (PAD7) is used to permanently Save changes you make to a Kit.

  9. questionWhat does SCREEN ADV pad do on the drumKAT?
    SCREEN ADV (PAD1) advances through the editing screens on the drumKAT.

  10. questionWhat does SOUND ADV pad do on the drumKAT?
    SOUND ADV (PAD4) is used to advance to other Pads or Sounds quickly.

  11. questionWhat does the REVERSE pad do on the drumKAT?
    While in Edit Mode, if you need to REVERSE or go backwards to a setting... Hit PAD3 - REVERSE and nothing happens. The REVERSE Pad changes the operation of future hits on other pads. Hitting REVERSE will not actually change the value but allows you to REVERSE the action of other Pads.

  12. questionWhat does VALUE ADV pad do on the drumKAT?
    VALUE ADV (PAD6) is used to change the value of a setting.

  13. questionWhat is CLOCK SOURCE in the drumKAT?
    MOTIF SCREEN 5: Here you may choose to select an EXTERNAL clock source if you want to sync your drumKAT Motifs to an external clock source. INTERNAL is the normal setting. KIT EDIT MOTIF Screen 5 looks like this...<<<clock source for, motifs is, INTERNAL(INTERNAL or EXTERNAL)>>>.

  14. questionWhat is LATCH MODE (Loop Playback) in the drumKAT?
    LATCH MODE allows a loop or sounds to continuously sustain when a pad is hit and then stop when it's hit again. Thd display in EDIT MODE would look like this: <<<k01 PAD1 SIMPL, Bch10 note D2=38, vel 08-128 crv01, gate time LATCH(No Offs, .005-6.3, ROLL, LATCH)>>>

  15. questionWhat is LATCH MODE (Loop Playback) in the drumKAT?
    LATCH MODE allows a loop or sounds to continuously sustain when a pad is hit and then stop when it's hit again. Thd display in EDIT MODE would look like this: <<<k01 PAD1 SIMPL, Bch10 note D2=38, vel 08-128 crv01, gate time LATCH(No Offs, .005-6.3, ROLL, LATCH)>>>

  16. questionWhat is MIDI IN NOTEMAP in the drumKAT?
    Global Screen 7 & Kit Edit Screen 2: Yes, there are 2 steps; you must first assign the sounds and then turn it on in the KIT you're in. This screen allows you to select up to 16 MIDI Notes from one of your MIDI INs to be KATalyzed or mapped to a particular Pad in the drumKAT. Using this NOTE MA ...

  17. questionWhat is SONGMODE in the drumKAT?
    GLOBAL SCREEN 2: Songmode allows you to chain Kit #s in any order you want and then step through them quickly in the order you selected. This is useful for stepping through kits live in performance in the context of a song. (SOUND ADV will increment the Step # for you.) Simply select “ON&# ...

  18. questionWhat is the CLICK OUT used for on the drumKAT?
    The drumKAT 3.5 also has a line level click output to provide tempo information when sequencing. This click out can be toggled on/off by depressing footswitch 4 and hitting PAD9. The CLICK produces a click sound on the CLICK output on the back ofthe drumKAT, however we suggest not using that sin ...

  19. questionWhat is the difference between the drumKAT and the drumKAT TURBO?
    In addition to all the drumKATs features the TURBO adds... • New microprocessor chip (50% faster than V3.5) • new sequence timing chip (doubles motif resolutions) • additional memory chip (increases kits to 48 & Motifs to 32) • Alternate 128 Mode (128 notes per pad!) R ...

  20. questionWhat is the drumKAT's pad layout?
    Each of the 10 pads on the drumKAT represent one of the following sets of editing screens. Press Footswitch 1 and release, then hit one'- of the pads (twice) to enter that set of edit screens. PAD 1: GLOBAL PAD 6: MOTIFS PAD 2: KIT EDIT PAD 7: PAD ADJUST PAD 3: NOTE OFF P ...

  21. questionWhat is the drumKAT?
    The drumKAT is a velocity sensitive MIDI controller with a layout that is comfortable for drummers and percussionists. It is small enough to be mounted on most snare drum stands or onto a tom-tom stand using the optional drumKAT mounting bracket. The playing surface responds to a wide dynamic ...

  22. questionWhat is the TRANSPOSE ENABLE Screen in the drumKAT?
    KIT EDIT SCREEN 9: At the TRANSPOSE ENABLE Screen you select which Pads you want to be affected by a Transpose Chain CNTRL Mode that you may choose to select on another Pad or Trigger. Default setting is “N”. See the end of Chapter 8, ADVANCED KITS for more information in the drumKAT ...

  23. questionWhat is the UNIVERSAL ID# in the drumKAT?
    Enter the PREFERENCE Screens by pressing down on Footswitch1 and releasing. Then, hit PAD9 8 times to see the PREFERENCE Screen 7: <<<INDIVIDUAL, INSTRUMENT ID#, UNIVERSAL ID(UNIVERSAL ID or 1-127)>>> This Screen allows you to identify your drumKATs individually if you have mor ...

  24. questionWhat is the WARRANTY on the drumKAT?
    The drumKAT has a limited warranty. The drumKAT is warrantied against defects due to materials or workmanship for 90 days on labor, 6 months on FSR and rubber, and 1 year on all other parts. Warranty Restrictions: Damage or defects sustained through unauthorized repair or tampering, or abusive t ...

  25. questionWhat kind of connections are on the drumKAT?
    The drumKAT has a 9 volt (500 mA, positive tip) power connector, a Breath Controller input, 9 trigger inputs, a hi-hat controller/footswitch input, 2 MIDI inputs, 4 MIDI outputs, a click out and 4 footswitch inputs for editing.

  26. questionWhat kind of trigger sources can be plugged into the drumKAT?
    You may connect a variety of triggering sources including pads, pedals and acoustic triggers.  Other manufacturers trigger pedals, pads and acoustic triggers should work also. When using stereo trigger pads, you must use a "Y" cable and plug the head of the pad into one input and the rim in ...

  27. questionWhat type of footswitches can be used with the drumKAT?
    There are basically 2 types of *momentary footswitches - Normally Open and Normally Closed. The KAT KF1 footswitches are the, Normally Open type. Now this doesn't mean you can't use the Normally Closed type. As long as the footswitch is plugged in BEFORE you turn the unit on, the Closed footswit ...

  28. questionWhat type of power adaptor is used with the drumKAT?
    AC Adapter specifications - 9 Volt , positive tip, 500 mA or greater. Older drumKATs also used to have an power cord input - those cables can still be purchased through Alternate Mode (www.alternatemode.com).

  29. questionWhat types of HIHAT MODES are in the drumKAT?
    You have 3 ways to setup a hihat in the drumKAT 3.5: Normal HiHat (using a footswitch like the KF1), HATNOTE and Controller 04 (which both use Continuous Controller information sent out from pedals like the hatKAT). (See pages 77-81 in the drumKAT manual for more info). Normal HiHat - Most all s ...

  30. questionWhat types of things can be copied in the drumKAT?
    There are 3 types of things that can be copied in the drumKAT... KITs, a PAD/TRIGGER to another PAD/TRIGGER in any KIT and VELOCITY CURVEs can be copied to one of  the two user CURVE locations. See pg32-33 in the drumKAT manual.

  31. questionWhat upgrades are available for the drumKAT?
    For the latest on upgrades for KAT controllers, log onto www.alternatemode.com or call 877-933-6237.

  32. questionWhy are there 2 MIDI Inputs on the drumKAT?
    The drumKAT 3.5 has two MIDI IN jacks to receive MIDI information from another controller, a sequencer, or a computer. The drumKAT 3.5 can merge and/or filter this information and send it to either (or both) of the pairs of MIDI OUT jacks. The MIDI mapping and MIDI filtering abilities of the dru ...

  33. questionWhy are there 4 MIDI Outputs on the drumKAT?
    The drumKAT 3.5 has two pairs of MIDI OUT jacks. This allows you to actually perform 32 Channel MIDI if you want. Or you can map these two pairs of MIDI outputs to be four identical MIDI OUTs. These options allow you to choose how you would like to set up your equipment. The MIDI OUT can contain ...

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