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  1. questionHow do you adjust the Pad Threshold in the trapKAT?
    Pad Threshold: The training does not affect your bottom end sensitivity - or how light of a hit your trapKAT may pick up.  The Threshold is the setting that affects how sensitive your pads are.  The lower the value the more sensitive that particular pad will be.  However, if you m ...

  2. questionHow long does the sensor last?
    The FSR sensor under the rubber playing surface is the part that needs to be replaced on your unit. The sensors should be replaced every 4 to 7 years depending on use, similar to changing drum heads on acoustic sets. We have found that when the drumKAT is played on more often the life of the s ...

  3. questionWhen do I change the battery on a KAT controller?
    When the Controller looses its memory on power up and your kits are gone, you know its time to change your battery.  (You must back up regularly). Batteries usually last between 5-10 years before problems begin. On the trapKAT and malletKAT, you can change the battery yourself.  Go ...

  4. questionWhere is the fuse on the old style drumKATs?
    Back in the early KAT Inc days, the drumKAT had a built in fuse because it used an AC plug, with an internal transformer.  New drumKATs now use an external transformer (a wall unit) Some of the oldest drumKATs had the fuse inside the casing.  You will need to open up your ...

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