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How do I contact Customer Service for my trapKAT?
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If you have any trouble with your trapKAT, feel free to give our Customer Service staff a call.  Our staff is knowledgeable, patient, and glad to help.  Our phone number is (413) 594-5190 - simply ask for “Customer Service”.  Feel free to call and tell us what was difficult to understand (so we can improve) or even tell us what you like (so we can feel good)!
If you need your trapKAT repaired or worked on for any reason, call our Customer Service staff and ask for an “RA” number.  This is a “Return Authorization” number.  You must then clearly mark this “RA” number on the outside of the box you send back to Alternate Mode.  When you call in your RA, our staff will ask you for information like your name, address, phone number, serial number, purchase date, software version (power-up display), and a description of the problem.  All of this information is put on an “RA form” that will be used when your instrument comes in to determine what to do to your instrument and whom to send it back to.  If you do not mark a valid RA # on your box your shipment will be refused, so please call and get an RA # before you send in a surprise to us.
SHIPPING:  If you ever have to ship the trapKAT back in for a repair or an update, use care and good judgment.  It is best to save the original packing material to make shipping easy and safe.  If you do not have the original packing material, box the trapKAT in tight with packing noodles, paper, etc. so that it is not flopping around in the box during shipping.  
Shipping expenses and proper packing of instruments shipped to Alternate Mode are the responsibility of the consumer. 
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