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What is HAT NOTE Mode in the trapKAT (2.0 feature)?
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Version 2.0 HiHat adjustments include HAT NOTE Mode and HAT NOTE OVERLAP. HAT NOTE offers an 8 note HiHat feature to users with a hihat controller pedal and a sound module with multiple hihat sounds.  HAT NOTE OVERLAP lets you a set a specified time in which your hihat notes will overlap instead of abruptly cutting each other off, i.e. a more realistic HiHat sound.
1. First, assign a pad or pads to be HiHat pads using Pad #5 just like you always have.
2. Hit Pad #18 with the Kit Edit footswitch held down and you will see this screen.  <<<HiHat Continuous Cntrl =  OFF (OFF, CONTROLLER 01, CONTROLLER 04, HAT NOTE)>>>
3. If HAT NOTE does not appear in the display, hit Pad #18 until HAT NOTE is selected, then release the footswitch.
4. To make it easy for you, we have preassigned note numbers 85 through 92 asthe 8 HiHat note numbers.  All you have to do is to reassign up to 8 HiHatsounds from closed (#85) to open (#92), in your sound source.  *You must assign HiHat sounds to all 8 note numbers in order for HAT NOTE to work. Example: if you only have 3 HiHat sounds (not including the foot sound), Closed, 1/2 Open and fully Open, you would assign the sounds to these note numbers - #85 = Clos, #86 = Clos, #87 = 1/2 Open, #88 = 1/2 Open, #89 1/2 Open, #90 = Open, #91 = Open, #92 = Open.
5. Reassign your HiHat foot closed sound to note number 93 in your sound module (this is already preassigned in the trapKAT).
6. If you are using a Splash sound... In your sound module, assign the Splash sound to #94.  On the trapKAT, assign the Splash note number to #94 usingPad #6 with the Kit Edit footswitch held down.
7. Retrain your HiHat pedal using Pad #17 with the Global Edit footswitch held down.
1. Hit Pad #19 while holding down the KIT Edit footswitch and you will see this screen.  <<<Hat Note Overlap 1.000 sec (.005 - 6.4 sec.,   Roll Mode, Infinite)>>>
2. Continue to hit Pad #19 until you find the selection that gives you the best performance for HAT NOTE mode, then release the footswitch.
Download the trapKAT_2_Guide.pdf.
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