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What is Cymbal Choke / Exclusive 96 Mode in the trapKAT (2.0 feature)?
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If you own an Alesis D4 or DM5 sound module, you can now get a more realistic cymbal performance with the ability to choke cymbals.  This feature was previously only available to owners of Roland TD7/TD5's and EMU Procussion sound modules.
1. In the D4 / DM5, you must first assign any cymbal sound(s) you wish to choke to the same GROUP #  *Don't use the same GROUP # as your HiHat sounds.**If you assign more than one cymbal sound to the same GROUP #, playing one of those cymbals after another will cause the first to cut off.
2. In the D4 / DM5, assign Note Number 96 to the EFX #80 = SILENCE sound. Also, assign this to the same GROUP # as your cymbal sound.
3. On the trapKAT, hit pad #8 with the Global Edit footswitch held down and you will see the cymbal choke screen.  <<<ExclusiveChoke96 ENABLED (ENABLED, DISABLED or  Exclusive Choke 96 ENABLED)>>>
4. If Exclusive Choke 96 ENABLED is not shown in the display, continue to hit Pad #8 until Exclusive Choke 96 ENABLED is selected and release the footswitch.  You can now choke a cymbal pad by simply grabbing it.
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