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How do you change the setups/kits in the malletKAT?
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There are 2 ways to change setups on the malletKAT:
1. After hitting the Right Function Pad twice, each consecutive hit will advance through the setups. To go backwards, hit the Left Function Pad.
*Why do we have you hit the function pads twice before advancing or decrementing the kits you ask? For your musical safety; imagine yourself playing along and you accidentally hit one of the function pads, which would change the kit when you didn't want to.
2. You can also change setups by holding down Footswitch 1, hitting the SETUP Pad on the top octave and then hitting 3 of the "black key" pads that correspond to the setup you want to go to... ie. hit pads labled 0,0,7 to go to setup 7, or hit pads labled 1,1,3 to jump to setup 113, etc.
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