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What are Mono Modes in the malletKAT?
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Special Mono Modes have been developed to allow the performer to play solo instruments such as flutes or lead lines without the “bleeding” of sounds heard when using a sustain pedal on a synth. Instead the sustain pedal in this mode creates a legato single line passage. It is now possible to create staccato / legato articulations effortlessly.

Mono. This setting is for Monophonic Playing. This mode is  great for lead lines, or for simulating solo line instruments like flute or trumpet. Only one note will sound at a time in this mode.
You can access the Mono mode by stepping on the EDIT Footswitch, and while held down, tap the F natural pad. This F is on the second octave down from the top.  
Use MONO MODE with MONO NOTE OVERLAP to fine tune your performance.
Short Cut = # 6
Parameters = Disabled, .010 - .310 second
Mono Note Overlap is a setting in the KIT AUX Screens.

When using a monophonic sound, sometimes the monophonic effect doesn't sound as smooth as you like. To get more of a legato effect, this setting allows the old note to play for a short time after the new note has been struck. The old note will finally get shut off after the NOTE OVERLAP times elapses. This enhances the authenticity of playing single line instruments, such as the flute.

Some synths do not respond well to this setting. If notes get stuck on, lower the overlap time. If notes still get stuck on, you will need to disable this feature for your particular synth.  

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