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How can I tell what setup/kit I'm in, in the malletKAT?
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There are four lines of text on the display. The display changes it’s look as different features are called up.
The very first character on Line one will either be:
F followed by a number. Example F 01 meaning Factory Kit 1 or
U followed by a number. Example U 89 meaning User Kit 89 or
C followed by a group of numbers. Example. C02-12 Meaning Chain Two, Setup 12.

The F stands for FACTORY KITS. There are 128 Factory Kits that are in the malletKAT. These KITs are stored in memory. This means that any changes that you make to the FACTORY Kits are gone as soon as you leave the KIT going to another KIT number. If you want to make permanent changes to a FACTORY Kit, then you will need to save them in a USER KIT.

The name of the KIT displayed on line three is a GENERAL MIDI Name. These names will only line up with the names that are on your sound source if your module or keyboard has the GM logo on it. If you do not have a GM synth, the malletKAT has no way of knowing what sound source it is connected to. You will need to go to the User Kits to make your own KIT names.

If you see a U followed by a number on the first line, then you are in the USER KITS. There are also 128 USER KITS in the malletKAT. Here you can name your own kits, change any parameter and have them stored into permanent memory. If you see a number looking like C01-01, then you are in CHAIN MODE. CHAIN MODE allows you to arrange your KITS in a non-contiguous fashion. You can store 16 Chains, each having the ability to arrange 16 KITS in each Chain.

You can jump between these three modes by holding down the EDIT FOOTSTWITCH and hitting pad F (third octave). It says BANK SELECT under the pad. Use the DECrement, INCrement pads (C#-D# ) on the highest octave to change modes.

If you are using a malletKAT EXPRESS, you will need to hold down the EDIT and the SUSTAIN ONE at the same time to tell the malletKAT that you are accessing third octave functions. Release the SUSTAIN once you enter the mode. If you have an EXPRESS with three octaves, you do not need to do this.

You can change KITS at any time by using the Backward /Forward Pads. (The little pads on the far right of the malletKAT). Strike the pad twice to get your direction going.

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