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What is REASSIGNMENT MODE in the malleKAT?
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Kit Auxiliary Short Cut = # 29
Reassignments are assigned in the GLOBAL Screens. There are 14 Reassignment Groups available. Each Reassignment Group allows the malletKAT to play any MIDI note number on any MIDI channel. Each Group shares a minimum and maximum velocity setting, a velocity curve setting, and a gate time. These 14 Group Reassigments are stored in the Global Screens but are accessed in the Kit Auxiliary Screens.

The Reassignment Mode can be turned OFF (malletKAT plays the normal Controller One and Controller Two data). It can be set to COMBINE, which then plays the notes assigned to the Reassignment Group number along with the data from Controllers One and Two.

When the Reassignment Mode is set to REPLACE, the KIT plays the Reassignment Groups MIDI note numbers instead of Controller One and Two.
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