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How do I use CHAIN MODE in the malletKAT?
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Global Auxiliary Short Cut = # 46-49
Parameters = #46 Chain Number 01-16, #47 Chain Step 0-16, #48 Chain Step, #49 Chain Enable Enable/Disable
A CHAIN allows you to arrange User Setups (Kits) in any order. You can either step through the Chain's Steps by using a Footswitch, or you change it by hitting the Forward or Backward function pads. This function is very useful in live situations because you can organize in advance what sounds you might need in a song or performance.

There are 6 Chains in total. Each Chain can have up to 16 User Setups. You can also link Chains together or set up a Chain as a Loop.

In the Global Edit, you determine What Chain you are editing (#46), which one of the 16 Steps you are editing (#47), and what User Kit (#48) you want in the slot. After you choose one of the 128 User Kits, you can also tell the malletKAT to advance to the NEXT CHAIN or to LOOP the Chain that you are editing.

In Play Mode, if you have the CHAIN ENABLED in the Globals (#49), striking the Backwards or Forward pad will automatically take you to the next programmed User Kit assigned to that Chain. You can also set one of the FOOT CONTROLLER inputs (Global Screen #19,20) to Setup Advance or Setup Backwards your Steps (User Kits) within that Chain.  

When you Enable the Chain Mode, the first character on the display in Play Mode tells you what Chain you are in and what Step you are in. For example, C02-03 means that you are in Chain number 2, and that you are in the Third Step. If you want to know what User Kit you are in, step on the Edit Footswitch and hit the Setup Pad (low C on the highest octave). The screen will display the current Setup Number.

In Play Mode, if the Chain Mode is Enabled, it is possible to quickly change Chain Numbers. If you want to go to a different Chain, hold down the Edit , hit the Global Pad (d natural on third octave) then hit the INCREMENT (D#) Pad to advance through the Chains or hit the DECREMENT (C#) pad to go back through the Chains. Release the Footswitch to play.  

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