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How do I stop a PAD from playing itself on the malletKAT?
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If you are playing your malletKAT in a high altitude area, you may need to raise the thresholds levels of the entire instrument because the sensors are sensitive to pressure above sea levels. If your malletKAT begins to false trigger (playing itself, rapid fire pitches), you simply need to raise the thresholds.  

This feature is also used to increase or decrease the general sensitivity of the entire instrument.

When the malletKAT is reinitialized, a sensitivity Margin of “10” is automatically placed under every pad. You can raise or lower this setting by performing the procedure below. You can see the results of adjustments by going back to Global Screen #5 and hitting any pad. Be careful not to go too low, or the instrument may start playing itself. If you raise it up too high, it will take a harder hit in order to get the instrument to respond.  
To Change the THRESHOLDS
Step on the Edit and Sustain 2 at the same time. The display changes and says Threshold Adjust Use the BACKWARDS pad (left function pad F1) to lower the threshold to make the instrument MORE sensitive. Use the FORWARD pad (right function pad F2) to raise the threshold to make the instrument LESS sensitive.

By simply pressing and releasing the Edit , the malletKAT Pro performs a Pad Threshold Recalibration. This temporarily adjusts the pad thresholds (as if you just turned on the malletKAT). This setting is not permanent. If you want to save a new permanent threshold level, perform the Global Threshold Adjust procedure described above.
Don't lean on the pads when you step on the edit footswitch as this will raise the thresholds of the pads, making them very in-sensitive. If this should happen, press and release the Edit again (without touching any pads) and this will make the pads playable again.  

To REINITIALIZE your malletKAT Pro pad sensitivity Thresholds back to safe settings, simply hold the EDIT and the Sustain 2 BOTH down, and while they are depressed hold down both the “Backward” and Forward” small Function pads. Your malletKAT PRO will read the present idle levels of your Pads and put your Thresholds at safe settings for you. 
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