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How do you connect the Expander to the malletKAT?
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Tools needed: You will need a Phillips screwdriver.

To attach your Expander to the malletKAT PRO or malletKAT EXPRESS, turn the unit off and unplug all cords. Turn the malletKAT upside down on a flat surface. Position the Expander upside down next to the LOWEST octave of the malletKAT.

Take the piece of felt and line it up to the side of the Expander that will be attached to your Pro/Express.

Remove the release paper on the felt and adhere it to the side of the Expander. Set the Expander back down lining it up with the malletKAT so that the felt is touching it.

Remove the last four screws on the malletKAT furthest from the display, two screws from the top row and two from the bottom row. Remove the adjacent four screws on the Expander Unit as well, two from the top row and two from the bottom row. (These are 6-32 X 1/2” pan head phillips sems).

Position the aluminum strapping bars with the oblong hole lining up on the malletKAT and the last two holes lining up on the Expander. Replace the screws you just removed, attaching the strapping bars to the malletKAT and the Expander.

Turn the malletKAT back over. Plug the special Expander Cable from the malletKAT to the Expander. Use Output number ONE on the malletKAT for a single expander, and Output number TWO for the second expander furthest from the display.

ALWAYS plug in the Expander cable BEFORE turning on the malletKAT. Plug in the rest of your cords, turn the unit on and have fun playing.

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