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What are the functions/names listed under the pads on the malletKAT?
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Underneath the “white” keys of the malletKAT are the BASIC listings of FUNCTIONS. When you step on the Edit and hit one of these pads, the name of that FUNCTION appears. When it does, you simply use the INC/DEC pads to change the values.

On the EXPRESS, you will need two footswitches to get at the EDIT FUNCTIONS normally found on the third octave. See “Edit Mode on the malletKAT EXPRESS” in the “Good Things to Know” chapter.

On some “white” keys, repeated hits call up different functions. On the malletKAT PRO, you can also use the “black keys” as a numeric input instead of the INC/DEC pads. The EXPRESS has limited access to this feature.  

C = Setup Number
D = Gate Time Settings forward = (Roll Mode, Velocity Gate)
E = Octaves
F = Minimum Velocity Setting
G = Maximum Velocity Setting
A= Velocity Curve
B = Volume Setting
C (highest) = Program Change
C# = Decrement
D# = Increment
F# = Default
G# = S.Copy
A# = Cancel
Function Pad 1 = Backwards
Function Pad 2 = Forwards   

C = Hang Mode, Melody Chord 1, Melody Chord 2, Melody Chord 3 Modes
D = Split Mode
E = Double, VEL Shift, ALT Mode
F = Monophonic Mode , RTC, RTC+Velocity (Layer two PTW, CTLA,CTLB, CTLC
G = Polyphonic Mode
A= Transpose Mode
B = MIDI Channel
C# = 6 number
D# = 7 number
F# = 8 number
G# = 9 number
A# = 0 number  

C = All Notes Off, Individual All Notes Off
D = Global Auxiliary Functions
E = Kit Auxiliary Functions
F = Bank Select (Factory, User, Chain)
G = Normal Pressure Mode
A= Dampen Stroke, Dead Stroke
B = Aftertouch Mode
C# = 1 number
D# = 2 number
F# = 3 number
G# = 4 number
A# = 5 number  

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