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What is MELODY CHORD MODE in the malletKAT?
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MELODY CHORD MODE =C twice...four times (on MIDDLE OCTAVE) Mode One, Mode Two, Mode Three. MELODY CHORD MODE is one of the LAYER MODEs on the malletKAT. Layer Modes tell the malletKAT how to control its sound layers. These sound layers are called CONTROLLER ONE AND CONTROLLER TWO. There are three MELODY CHORD MODE variations.

When you see any of these on the first line (Mel1, Mel2, Mel 3), you are in Melody Chord Mode. These modes tell the malletKAT what sound to play (from Controller One or Controller Two) depending on how many notes are being played simultaneously. It gives one the ability to play one sound as a melody line and another as an accompaniment sound simply by playing individual notes or chords.

There are three variations of the Melody Chord Mode. Each Mode varies slightly on where to send the notes when it sees a chord. It is always best to experiment and listen to the differences and see which Mode will work best for you.

If a chord is detected (two notes played within the time set in Global Screen #77), the first note of the chord is played on both layers

Example: You have a marimba on Layer one and a vibe sound on Layer Two. As you start to play a single line, you hear the marimba sound. When you play a C chord, (the high C is the first note struck on the chord). The malletKAT will play the High C on both the vibes and marimba sound, and the rest of the chord is played on the marimba sound only.

If a chord is detected, all notes are played on both layers. The malletKAT temporarily jumps to DOUBLE or LAYERED MODE. As soon as a single note is played, only the first Layer will play.

MODE THREE: MEL3 When a chord is detected, the first note of the chord will be played on Layer One. All subsequent notes of the chord will play on Layer Two.

You can access the Mel1, Mel2 or Mel3 Melody Chord Modes by stepping on the EDIT Footswitch , and while held down, tap the C natural pad (hang) TWICE, THREE times for FOUR times respectively. This C is on the Middle octave of a three octave malletKAT.

If you let go of the footswitch and start the process again, hitting C will start the Mode changes from the beginning showing you the HANG, then Mel1, then Mel 2 etc. This Mode is turned off when Double, Split or RTC Modes are selected.

A Sensitivity Control is provided in Global Screen #77. This parameter determines how close a pair of notes must be to be considered part of a chord. The lower the number, the lower the latency. This is because the malletKAT has to wait until the programmed time has elapsed to determine if you are playing a single note or chord.
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