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What is the drumKAT?
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The drumKAT is a velocity sensitive MIDI controller with a layout that is comfortable for drummers and percussionists. It is small enough to be mounted on most snare drum stands or onto a tom-tom stand using the optional drumKAT mounting bracket.

The playing surface responds to a wide dynamic range and is very comfortable to play on. The nine independent trigger inputs have been given the same extensive control possibilities as the drumKAT Pads (excluding pressure). This allows you to physically spread out your playing area. These nine trigger inputs can be combined with the ten Pads on the drumKAT itself for a total of nineteen independent playing surfaces.

The software in the drumKAT allows you unbelievable control and potential. You can play from one to four totally independent notes per Pad with delay times for each of the four notes. You can have notes sustained from 5 milliseconds to 6.4 seconds. You can have your playing dynamics control the pitch of the note sent out, or the gate time of the note, as well as the velocity information sent out. You can also have your dynamics control which (or all) of four notes to be sent from each Pad. Certain modes allow up to 8 notes per pad. There are several Hi Hat Modes, which combined with the use of a hatKAT provides you with realistic Hi Hat play. You can even bend pitches with your playing Pads, or control rhythmic patterns with your Pads. A Link Mode allows Pads to be linked to create combined modes for wonderful effects and patterns.

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