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What is the difference between the drumKAT and the drumKAT TURBO?
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In addition to all the drumKATs features the TURBO adds...
• New microprocessor chip (50% faster than V3.5)
• new sequence timing chip (doubles motif resolutions)
• additional memory chip (increases kits to 48 & Motifs to 32)
• Alternate 128 Mode (128 notes per pad!)
• multiple Links per kit (link 1 pad to two others)
• Motif Transpose
• Roll Mode (gets rid of that "machine gun effect on asst. sound sources)
• Notation Mode (transcribes a kinetic map of your drumKAT setup)  
• 3 new pad control screens - Program Change, Tempo Change and Kit Change
• Dynamically Allocated Memory
• Latch Mode (Start/Stop loops with one pad)
• 16 Program Changes per Kit
• EVENT SLICE (play back slices of your MOTIF in real time, while controlling dynamics and gate time)
• CHICK LINK (foot sound can be linked to any pad or trigger)
• FOOTSWITCH ASSIGNABLE TO TAP TEMPO (use the footswitch for TAP TEMPO speed)
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