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What is the CLICK OUT used for on the drumKAT?
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The drumKAT 3.5 also has a line level click output to provide tempo information when sequencing. This click out can be toggled on/off by depressing footswitch 4 and hitting PAD9. The CLICK produces a click sound on the CLICK output on the back ofthe drumKAT, however we suggest not using that since it causes aground connection to your mixer from your drumKAT. Instead, use a MIDI Note that is driven by the same Click timing.

On Motif Screen 3, you'll find the settings for the Click that looks like this...
<<<Click Control, SubDiv 1/4(1/4, 1/16, 1/8,1/8 T) NOTES, SLAVE TO RECORD(SLAVE TO,NOT SLAVE TOO), NotSLAVE(SLAVE TO, NOT SLAVE TOO) to Play>>>
Here you may select whether the Click occurs on 1/4 notes, 1/8 notes, 1/8 note triplets, or 1/16 notes. If you select “SLAVE TO” to Record, the Click will start whenever you start Recording a Motif and stop whenever you stop Recording. If you select “SLAVE TO” to Play, the Click will start whenever you start a Motif Playing and stop whenever you stop a Motif.  If you select “NotSLAVEto”, the Click will be unaffected by starting or stopping.
The Click sound can also be programmed to a MIDI note number on Motif Screen #2 which looks like this... <<<CLICK= MIDI NOTE, B(B,N,R,L) ch10(1-16) noteC#2= 37(OFF or 00-127), velocity = 64(00-127), gate time 0.085s(NO OFFs or 0.005-6.300s),>>>
On this Screen you define what sound you want the MIDI Click to make. Typically you would choose something distinctive like a Clave sound. The MIDI Click will give you a Tempo reference to use for practice or for timing during a song.

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