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How can I quickly edit the settings on one pad on the drumKAT?
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The most commonly used settings are found in the KIT EDIT Screens, especially KIT EDIT Screen 5. This screen holds the basic settings for what Sound each of your pads will play.
There is a simple shortcut for getting to KIT EDIT Screen 5, where you will spend 90% of your time editing the settings on your Pads and triggers. The shortcut is simple:
1) Press down on Footswitch1 and keep it pressed down.
2) While you are pressing down on Footswitch1, hit any Pad on the
3) Now let up on the Footswitch.
Notice, you have the following Screen on your drumKAT display:
<<<k01 PAD5 SIMPL, ch10 note G1= 43, vel 08-127 crv01,
gate time 0.020s>>>
Press Footswitch1 again to get back to Play Mode.
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