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What are the PRE-EDIT Screens in the drumKAT?
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The drumKAT Pads have 3 uses:
1) Playing Pads,
2) Editing Function Pads, and
3) Screen Selector Pads.
When you first depress and release Footswitch1, the display will ask
you to select which type of screens to look at. The Pad you hit next will select which type of screens you enter. You will be asked to hit a 2nd time to verify your choice of screen type. These screens, where you select which type of Screens to enter, are called the PRE-EDIT Screens.

Depress Footswitch1 and release it without hitting any Pad. The display will cycle through the following three screens:
<<<SELECT EDIT TYPE, BY HITTING A PAD, all pads are, assigned a number>>>
<<<7 8 9 0, 4 5, 3 1 2 6, PAD LAYOUT>>>
At this time you are in PRE-EDIT. This is simply where you decide which type of screens you want to look in. This is a place where you are no longer in PLAY and not yet in EDIT, because you haven’t chosen which set of screens to edit yet. These screens are indicating that you can choose what type of screens to edit by hitting one of the ten Pads on your drumKAT. There are a lot of settings you need access to if you want to have true control. To keep things organized, so you can figure out where to find them, these settings have been grouped into 10 Types of Screens...GLOBAL EDIT, KIT EDIT, NOTE OFF, DEFAULT, COPY SCREENS, Record Screens, Pad Training, Trigger Training, Preference Screens and Foot/Breath Adjust Screens. You select which type of screens by which Pad you hit after you have entered PRE-EDIT.

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