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Can I define my own Velocity Curves in the drumKAT?
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Global Screens 3 & 4: Yes, you can program 2 of you're own Vleocity Curves.
These two screens allow you to define Curves 15 and 16 to your own    needs. If you want to create a new curve that is similar to an    existing one with a few changes, first use the Curve Copy Screen to copy the original curve into Curve 15 or 16. Then use this screen to modify the area of the curve to what you want. There is more information on the curves in Appendix G. (SOUND ADV will increment the Step # for you.)
These screens looks like this... <<<define curve 15., 64steps127values,
step0 1 /64 (step 01-64) = 0 0 (00-127), (see copy menu)>>>.
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