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What is MIDI IN NOTEMAP in the drumKAT?
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Global Screen 7 & Kit Edit Screen 2: Yes, there are 2 steps; you must first assign the sounds and then turn it on in the KIT you're in.
This screen allows you to select up to 16 MIDI Notes from one of your MIDI INs to be KATalyzed or mapped to a particular Pad in the drumKAT. Using this NOTE MAP, you can have hitting a Pad on a dK10 (or any other controller you have that has less power than your drumKAT) play a chord, or start a Motif or sequence start, or do a Kit Advance on your drumKAT, or play an Alternating pattern, or Velocity Shift through 4 other Notes, ..., etc. (SOUND ADV will increment the Step # for you.) When you NoteMap to a particular Pad, if that Pad is linked to another Pad the link is ignored in NoteMapping. See also ChannelMapping in the KIT EDIT Screens.

Global Screen 7 looks like this... <<<midiin ntemap 01(01-16), B(B, N, R, L) ch10(01-16) note OFF(OFF or 00-127), maps to k01(01-30) PAD1(PAD1-TRIG9), in merge N(B, N, R, L) out>>>.

Kit Edit Screen 2 looks like this... <<<midi in notemap, OFF(OFF, ON) , for kit 01(1-30)>>>.
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