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Can I LINK one pad to another pad or trigger in the drumKAT?
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KIT EDIT SCREEN 6: Yes, you may choose to LINK any Pad or Trigger to any other Pad or Trigger. Linking will cause two Pads to play when you hit one Pad. Common uses are:
Link a KIT ADVANCE Trigger to your Snare Drum Pad. When you hit the Trigger for a Kit Advance, you will get a Snare Sound and change Kits.
• Link two Multiples to get an 8 Note chord.
• Link two Velocity Shift Pads for dynamic diads (2 note chords).
• Link a Melodic Alternate 8 Pad with another Melodic Alternate 8
Pad that has only 5 Notes assigned and play 5 against 8.
• If you Link the Breath Control to a Pad or Trigger you can play sounds with your mouth as well as controlling - pitch bend, modulation, etc. of sounds.

Every Pad or Trigger may Link to any other Pad or Trigger.
Links don’t ripple down* - meaning if PAD1 is Linked to PAD4 and
PAD4 is linked to PAD9, hitting PAD1 will only play the Sounds of PAD1 and PAD4.(*Unless you have a drumKAT TURBO - where 3 pads can be linked together.)

This screen looks like: <<<k01(k01-30) PAD5(PAD1-10, TRIG1-9), link to _(PAD1-10, TRIG1-9 or_)>>>.
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