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How do you setup the HiHat Foot/Chick in the drumKAT?
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KIT EDIT SCREEN 7: Kit Foot-Chick is a setting for having a hatKAT footcontroller play a Chick sound when you depress your hat to the bottom. This Sound is Velocity sensitive based on the speed of play when you depress through the Chick Point on your hatKAT. This is also where a Splash sound may be selected. Simply advance Foot-Chick to Splash! (SOUND ADV will toggle Foot-Chick / Splash for you.) This setting is totally independent of using your hatKAT to send controller information for HiHat control to a TD10® or PROCUSSION®, or using the hatKAT to select one of 3 HiHat Notes, or one of 8 hatNOTEs on a hihat Pad (or Trigger) on your drumKAT. Settings for properly setting up your hatKAT are on Screens 1-4 in the
FOOT/BREATH Screens under PAD0.
This screen looks like this... <<<k01(01-30) kitFoot-Chick, B(B, N, R, L) ch10(1-16) note C-2=44(OFF or 00-127), vel 08-127(00-127) crv01(1-16), gatetime NO OFFs(NO OFFs or0.005-6.300s)>>>.
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