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How do you setup FOOT CONTROL Pedal in the drumKAT?
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KIT EDIT SCREEN 8: The FootControl Screen allows you to select your hatKAT to send Continuous Controller information to your sound source. If you have a TD7®-TD10® you will get best HiHat control by selecting Controller04 here. If you have a PROCUSSION® you will get best results by selecting Controller01 here. See Chapter 9, “HiHat”, for more information. You may also use this screen to have your hatKAT do Pitchbend, Modulation, or other continuous control functions. These are most effective when you are playing Melodic Percussion. See Chapter 8, “ADVANCED KITS”, for more information.

This screen looks like this... <<<k01(01-30)  ftctrl,, pressure N(B, N, R, L) ch10(1-16), PITCHBEND UP(See List Below ), range127(00-127)  crv01(1-16)>>>.

Controller List:
0 Undefined
1 Modulation
2 Breath Control
3 Undefined
4 Foot Control
5 Portamento Time,
6 Data Entry MSB,
7 Main Volume,
8 Balance,
9 Undefined,
10 Pan,
11 Expression,
12-15 Undefined,
16-19 General Purpose,
Controllers #’s 1-4,
20-31 Undefined,
32-63 LSB for values 0-31,
64 Sustain,
65 Portamento,                              
66 Sostenuto,
67 Soft Pedal,
68 Undefined,
69 Hold,
70-79 Undefined,
80-83 General Purpose Controllers #’s 5-8,      
84-90 Undefined,
91 External Effects Depth,
92 Tremolo Depth,
93 Chorus Depth,
94 Celeste (Detune) Depth,
95 Phaser Depth,
96 Data Increment,
97 Data Decrement,
98 Non-Registered Parameter LSB,
99 Non-Registered  Parameter MSB,     
100 Registered Parameter LSB,  
101 Registered Parameter MSB,
102-120 Undefined,    
121-127 Reserved for Channel Mode Messages 
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