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How do you use GROOVE in the trapKAT?
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Your trapKAT display says something like: <<>>... the “MG” means Melodic Groove, “PG” means Percussive Groove.  The bottom line tells you what Groove is currently selected and what Tempo it is playing at. You can select one of many MELODIC GROOVES by hitting rimPad 15, or a PERCUSSION GROOVE  by hitting rimPad16. To start a selected GROOVE, hit START/STOP (rimPad 24).  To stop the GROOVE, hit rimPad 24 again.  To change the GROOVE TEMPO: simply hit TAP TEMPO (rimPAD23) twice at a quarter note of the tempo you want.  The display will tell you what tempo those quarter notes were and the GROOVE will immediately start playing at that tempo  (as long as it is between 40 and 240 beats per minute.)  Even this little TapTempo Pad can be a fun practice aid - helping you work on your perception of real-time tempos. You can practice difficult licks and fills with the tempo slowed down and as your skill increases you can speed the tempo up to keep challenging yourself. The Note that is played when you hit theTapTempo rimPad can be adjusted in the same way as the other pads (see p.15-20 in the trapKAT manual or HERE [how to adjust the pad Note #]).  The difference here is that the settings for the Tap Tempo pad are Global - meaning whatever sound you select for the Tap Tempo pad is used by all Kits. To change the GROOVE VOLUME: You may adjust the Volume of your Melodic and Percussive Grooves relative to the Volume of your playing on your Kits.  To access the Volume of your Grooves, simply depress the GLOBAL EDIT footswitch and hit Pad9.  Successive hits of Pad9 will raise the Groove Volume.  The range of values is 0 to 10.   “Quick-click” the GLOBAL EDIT footswitch to decrease the Global Groove Volume.    To “quick-click”, while editing, means to release the footswitch and quickly redepress it.  The beeping will change to indicate that you are now decrementing.  (A second “quick-click” will return you to incrementing.) See p.11-12 in the trapKAT manual or HERE for more info on GROOVEs.
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