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How do I send a PROGRAM CHANGE from the drumKAT?
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KIT EDIT SCREENS 11 & 12: The two of these Screens combine to give you 6 possible PROGRAM or VOLUME settings per Kit. Each time you enter a Kit, any settings you have selected here will be sent out through MIDI. On each row you may independently select which Side and Channel to send a BANK, PROGRAM or VOLUME setting to. If you don’t want to send out that many, select “N” for Sides or”NO” for value of PROGRAM or VOLUME. You may select in the PREFERENCE Screens under PAD9 to have these settings SENT or NOT SENT every time you enter KIT EDIT. If you are ever doing any editing directly on your sound source itself, change that selection to NOT SENT.

Also, if you are sending BANK commands, you must enable this in PREFERENCE Screen 6 (Bank Switch Screen) <<<demo kits are, DISABLED (DISABLED/ENABLED), Bank switch is, ENABLED(DISABLED/ENABLED)>>>

KIT EDIT SCREENS 11 & 12 look like this...
<<<k01(01-30) ProgChange A, B(B,N,R,L)ch10(01-16) bk01(NO, 00-99) p 01(NO, 00-127) vo127(NO, 00-127), Nch01 bk01(NO, 00-99) p NO(NO, 00-127) vo NO(NO, 00-127), Nch02 bk01(NO, 00-99) p NO(NO, 00-127) vo NO(NO, 00-127)>>>
<<<k01 ProgChange B, Bch03 bk01 p NO vo NO, Nch04 bk01 p NO vo NO, Nch05 bk01 p NO vo NO>>>
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