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Can I raise or lower the sensitivity of the drumKAT pads?
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KIT EDIT SCREEN 17: The threshold controls the low end sensitivity of your Pads or Triggers. The lower the number, the lighter the hit your drumKAT will respond to. If the number is too small (like 1 or 2) you may risk some false triggering. If the number is too high, your softer hits may not be seen by the drumKAT. This is a repeat of the Screen under the PAD ADJUST or TRIGGER ADJUST Screens (under PAD7 or PAD8). It is repeated here because if you have trouble with a Pad or Trigger “playing itself” or false triggering, any time you press FOOT1 you may do a KIT EDIT SHORTCUT accidentally when the Pad false triggers itself as you depress the footswitch. If that happens, just SCREEN ADV to this screen and raise the setting value. (SOUND ADV will increment the Pad # for you.)

KIT EDIT SCREEN 16 looks like this... <<<PAD5(PAD1-10, TRIG1-9), threshold= 18(05-64)>>>.
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