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How do I change DEFAULTS for the drumKAT?
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The DEFAULT Screens are the Screens that allow you to define your own defaults for most of your settings. A default is a value which is entered for a particular setting when you hit the DEFAULT PAD (PAD8) in EDIT Mode. You define these defaults to be the values you typically use for each setting.
For example:
• If you like 08-127 as your Velocity Range and use Velocity Curve 01 a lot, make sure you make the default Minimum Velocity 08, the default Maximum Velocity 127, and default Velocity Curve 01. From then on you can enter these values for Velocity Settings (3rd row of PAD EDIT Screen at KIT EDIT SHORTCUT) instantly when you are creating a new Kit.
• If you use Channel 10 for your sound source, make the default Channel 10. Then 1 hit of DEFAULT PAD and Channel 10 is in. You will find that the small amount of time it takes for you to adjust the default settings to your personal taste will be very worthwhile. Using defaults to change settings will save time and get you playing again sooner.

So, on these Screens, you can change what specific value is put in for a setting when you hit the DEFAULT PAD. To enter the PRE-EDIT Screens press down on Footswitch1 and release. Then, hit PAD4 to see screen: <<<#4 =DEFAULT EDIT, to confirm type, hit pad #4 again, FOOTSW1 TO EXIT>>>.
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