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How do you COPY a KIT in the drumKAT?
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To COPY a KIT in the drumKAT... enter the PRE-EDIT Screens by pressing down on Footswitch1 and releasing. Then, hit PAD5 to see PRE EDIT SCREEN 5: <<<#5 = COPYSCREENS, to confirm type, hit pad #5 again, FOOTSW1 TO EXIT>>>

The COPY Screens are the Screens that allow you to copy one Kit to another, one Pad to another, or one Curve to another. So, hit PAD5 again to verify that you want to see (KIT COPY) COPY SCREEN 1: <<<COPY from kit01(01-30), to kit01(01-30), HIT COPY=PAD5 TO, VERIFY KITCOPY>>>.
This KIT COPY Screen allows you to copy an entire Kit to some other Kit. Use the CURSOR, VALUE ADV, and REVERSE pads to select the appropriate "from" and "to"kits, then hit PAD5 to perform the copy. If your PERMANENT MEMORY IS PROTECTED, you will be warned and requested to go to the GLOBAL SCREENS (or go to KIT EDIT) and enable your PERMANENT MEMORY CAN BE CHANGED (first GLOBAL Screen). If you have done this and hit PAD5 to do the COPY, the drumKAT will give you one more chance to change your mind. If you really want to do a KIT COPY, hit PAD5 again and the display will verify the COPY. Then the message will return to the KIT COPY Screen with the "to Kit" incremented by one (to make copying a specific Kit to several other successive Kits easy).

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