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How do you edit kits in the trapKAT - Overview?
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All editing uses the same simple method: 1.  Press a footswitch to let the trapKAT know that you want to edit or change something.  When changing Notes you will press the NOTE EDIT footswitch.  When changing other Kit settings, you will press the KIT EDIT footswitch, etc. 2.  Strike a pad to let the trapKAT know what you want to change.  When changing Note numbers or sounds you will simply strike the pad you want to change. 3.  Continue striking the pad until your selection is found. 4.  Release the footswitch to get back to playing.  Your changes are automatically saved. It’s that easy!  Press a footswitch, hit a pad several times, release the footswitch!  To decrease a value, perform a “quick-click” - (explained on p.15 or HERE [how to reverse through values]). This is the method that you will use to edit or change any setting in your trapKAT.  Most of your editing will be with the NOTE EDIT footswitch.  For more info on EDITING, see p.13-20 in the trapKAT manual or HERE.
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