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Can I fine tune the RESPONSE of the pads on the drumKAT?
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When you have trained all the Pads with your soft and hard hit, the next Screen you will see (or if you simply do a SCREEN ADV when you first enter the PAD ADJUST Screens) is PAD ADJUST SCREEN 4: <<<pad 1, low dynamic= 40(00-254), hi dynamic = 230(00-254)>>>.
This Screen tells you the results of your soft hit and hard hit from the last training of each Pad. You can actually adjust these values manually here to adjust the response of your drumKAT. If you want to keep a constant low velocity at the bottom of your playing range increase the Low Dynamic value. If you want to get loud hits sooner in your dynamic range (with less effort), decrease your Hi Dynamic value. (SOUND ADV will increment the Pad # for you.)

SCREEN ADV and PAD ADJUST SCREEN 5: <<<pad 2, threshold = 18(5-64)>>>. The Threshold is a measure of how sensitive your Pads are. The lower the number, the more sensitive that particular Pad is. (If you make your Threshold too low, your Pads may trigger themselves.) (SOUND ADV will increment the Pad # for you.)

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